The REAL Benefits Of Cold-Pressed Juice!

The REAL Benefits Of Cold-Pressed Juice!

The REAL Benefits Of Cold-Pressed Juice!

Lately, all the hype is around cold-pressed juices and the miracle nutrition and benefits that they offer. Many people who are health-conscious have jumped onto the train and are taking the plunge with cold-pressed juice whether it be their daily fix or are going through with a juice cleanse. It is important to keep in mind that not all juices are made equal; your local grocery store’s ‘cold-pressed juice’ is not the same juice as your local juice shop’s.

Many are debating whether juicing is actually healthier and if the benefits are greater than just downright eating an orange or blending your fruits and veggies into a smoothie.

So let’s understand the process!

To make a quality cold-pressed juice, one must use a hydraulic cold press. This allows for the maximum amount of liquid to be extracted from the organic fruits and vegetables. No nutrients are lost in this process as no heat or oxygen is filtered into the juices. This allows you to get the most amount of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes as possible in each bottle of cold-pressed juice.

However, cold-pressed is not your average home juice. The common home juice involves a process where blades spin very rapidly or a small turning turbine that creates heat via heat transfer and friction in order to remove the juice from the fruits and vegetables. Due to the spinning of blades, heat is generated and oxygen is let in. This breaks down the vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in fruit and vegetables, leaving us with the pulpy and foamy juice we are most familiar with. This process gives us a less nutrient-dense liquid than you would get from REAL cold-pressed juice.

How is the ‘cold-pressed’ process healthier?

Just about everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are great sources for getting your vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Cold-pressed juicing allows you to drink all of these nutrients from numerous organic fruits and vegetables in one sitting. The recommended amount of servings of fruits and vegetables is between 5-9 servings per day and this is a difficult task for many. Through consuming cold-pressed juice, one will be able to get their recommended amount of fruits and vegetable servings per day as 2-6 pounds of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are pressed into each and every bottle of cold-pressed juice (dependent on the juice chosen).

This juicing process removes the dietary fibre found in fruits and vegetables, leading some to believe that consuming cold-pressed juice isn’t any better for you than just downright eating the fruit itself. However, research has shown that the removal of the dietary fibre found in fruits and vegetables through this process, actually makes it EASIER for your body to absorb the nutrients, putting you better off. This is because your digestive system normally has to work very hard in order to remove the nutrients from that slice of apple or piece of kale you just ate.

Now let’s get to the REAL benefits!!

No matter where you stand on the active, healthy lifestyle scale, you can consume cold-pressed juice as a way to better your health. Cold-pressed juice has the ability to help detoxify your body. We expose our body to so many toxins every day, both voluntarily and involuntarily, that it leaves our toxic fighting organs (liver, kidney, and skin) to be in a constant battle. Through drinking cold-pressed juice you can help release the stress of these organs and provide your body with better health. This is why many people go on juice cleanses to ‘detox’.

Numerous individuals have seen and felt tremendous results from just consuming cold-pressed juice regularly. Benefits include, but are not limited to feeling more energetic, decreased bloating, fading of acne, and some even experience weight loss.

Cold-pressed juice is also great for cleansing purposes. By sticking to just cold-pressed juices for a determined period of time, you are able to give your digestive system a break and allow for a total reboot of your body. Through participating in a juice cleanse, your body will be able to release all the toxins it has been holding in and heal itself. In return, you will feel more energized, clear-minded, less bloated, and your skin will be glowing.2

Lastly, cold-pressed juice has the ability to increase your immunity through flushing your body with good bacteria that suppresses the bad bacteria. This benefit is specific to certain cold-pressed juice recipes such as our ‘Feeling Green’ and ‘Burdock Splash’ juices. To increase immunity benefits, one can even add one of our cold-pressed Booster Shots to the mix.

So we’re down to the bottom line

The benefits of cold-pressed juice are endless no matter what juice you pick here at Revitasize. Whether you’re looking to switch up your daily fix, cleanse and detox, or try something new, you won’t be disappointed with what drinking a cold-pressed juice regularly can do for you. So the next time you’re stuck between what juice to drink, go for a cold-pressed juice from your nearest Revitasize Juice Kitchen location.

Written by: Allana Blumberg

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Vancouver Bitcoin Exchange Surrey ATM – Address: 10392 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 2W5 – Phone: (604) 496-0269

What Exactly Is a Bitcoin ATM?
If you’re in Surrey and wondering, “What is a bitcoin ATM?” you’re not alone. As cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin become more prevalent in everyday life, you may want to locate a bitcoin ATM in Surrey, BC  to purchase bitcoins and other cryptos by depositing cash.

A bitcoin ATM is not the same as other automatic teller machines (ATMs) you may be familiar with. Customers can use ATMs at their bank to withdraw cash, deposit checks and cash, and transfer funds between accounts. A bitcoin ATM, on the other hand, generates blockchain transactions and sends cryptocurrency transactions to a digital wallet, sometimes via a simple QR code.

What exactly is the Blockchain?
Over the last decade, you’ve probably heard of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but what exactly is the blockchain? Simply put, bitcoin is supported by record-keeping technologies.
Vancouver Bitcoin Exchange Surrey ATM – Address: 10392 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 2W5 – Phone: (604) 496-0269
The blockchain is a database, but it is unique in the way it stores data. The blockchain stores information in the form of blocks that are linked together. When data enters the network, it is placed in a new block. When a block is “completed,” it is chained to the previous block. In other words, the data entered is linked chronologically. Although the blockchain can store a variety of data, it is most commonly used as a transaction ledger.

Blockchain is collectively controlled because it is used to prevent one person or group from controlling it. Data that has been entered into the blockchain cannot be muted or reversed. This means that bitcoin transactions are permanent and visible to all.

Bitcoin ATMs make it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. They enable the user to avoid traditional banking networks. Cryptocurrencies’ value continues to rise as more people use them. Digital assets are also regarded as a viable asset class by investors. As more people accept digital currencies, the availability of bitcoin ATMs is expected to increase.

Fundamentals of Bitcoin ATMs
Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be spent. If you own bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, you may want to liquidate some of it and convert it to fiat currency, such as the US dollar. Bitcoin ATMs make it simple to buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATMs are standalone terminals or kiosks where you can buy and sell bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency types). The bitcoin ATM is Internet-connected and may use QR (quick response) codes to transfer cryptocurrencies to your digital wallet.

There are at least 14,000 bitcoin ATMs in operation worldwide. More bitcoin ATMs are on the way. Cryptocurrency ATMs are becoming increasingly popular in some areas, such as Las Vegas, Nevada, Atlantic City, New Jersey, and across the United States. After the United States, bitcoin ATMs are popular in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Austria.

What exactly is a Bitcoin ATM?
Bitcoin ATMs make it easier for customers to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These terminals are not technically equivalent to bank ATMs. If a user wants to convert cash to cryptocurrency, they do not accept bitcoin or fiat currencies.

Bitcoin kiosks connect to the bitcoin network and allow customers to purchase cryptotokens after making a cash deposit. Bitcoin ATMs are typically not owned by banks or other financial institutions and do not connect cryptocurrency buyers and sellers to a dollar, euro, or pound-denominated bank account.
We are proud to be the #1 Bitcoin exchange in all of Surrey’s communities and neighbourhoods including:

North Surrey
Morgan Creek
Amble Green
South Surrey
Orchard Grove
Aloha Estates
King George Corridor
Fraser Heights
Grandview Heights
Port Kells
Peace Arch
Port Mann
South Westminster
Strawberry Hill
Sunnyside Heights
How Do Bitcoin ATMs Operate?
The buyer typically scans a QR code that corresponds to their digital bitcoin wallet. The bitcoin ATM enables the buyer to send cryptocurrency “coins” to this wallet:
Vancouver Bitcoin Exchange Surrey ATM – Address: 10392 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 2W5 – Phone: (604) 496-0269
If the buyer does not already have a bitcoin or other cryptocurrency wallet, the ATM may be able to help them create one.
When the buyer completes the cryptocurrency purchase, the transaction is recorded in the digital wallet. (This may take a few moments to appear.)
Many bitcoin ATMs set lower and upper limits on how much cash a customer can deposit.
All bitcoin ATM owners and operators in the United States must register with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).
Owners and operators of bitcoin ATMs must follow the Bank Secrecy Act’s domestic anti-money laundering rules (BSA).
For larger transactions, the customer may be required to provide a mobile phone number in order to receive text verifications.
Before the transaction can be completed, the cryptocurrency customer may be required to scan your driver’s license or other government issued ID.
Some bitcoin ATMs allow you to buy and sell digital currencies such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), Dash (DASH), and others.

To use the bitcoin ATM, you do not receive a bank ATM card. Instead, you use a crypto digital wallet to debit or credit your digital coins. Although crypto-tokens are digital, a bitcoin ATM is a physical device that interacts with the blockchain over the Internet.

Many bitcoin ATMs have lower purchase limits because many cryptocurrencies were designed to protect the owner’s identity. Others complete your transaction through a verification process.

To summarize, a bitcoin ATM is a physical exchange where you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies for cash.

How Do I Make Use of a Bitcoin ATM?
Although using a bitcoin ATM is similar to using an ATM at your bank, there are significant differences. Not all bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) are created equal. You can only buy cryptocurrency in some places. In some cases, you may be able to sell cryptocurrencies from a digital wallet. Other BTMs enable you to conduct both types of transactions.

The process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, is generally the same. In this example, you decide whether to buy or sell bitcoin (BTC):

To cash out your digital wallet, choose Buy BTC or Sell BTC.
Scan a QR code sent to your wallet and print it ahead of time.
Alternatively, enter the QR code manually. Because these information strings can be quite long, it’s critical to avoid making a typo if you manually enter the QR code. You will not be able to cancel the bitcoin ATM transaction if you make a mistake. If you don’t already have a digital wallet, the bitcoin ATM will generate one for you.
The BTM may request identification from you. You may also be asked to enter a unique identifier, such as your mobile phone number, fingerprints, or passport number. The greater your purchase or sale amount, the more likely you will be asked for personal information.
Anti-money laundering legislation requires user identification requests. It is much more difficult for criminals today to launder money or avoid paying taxes.
You must accept payment in the form of fees or commissions.
Following that, you deposit cash into the BTM. When you buy cryptocurrency, send cryptocurrency to the wallet address (e.g., by scanning the QR code), or cash out your digital crypto wallet, your money may be issued instantly from some terminals. In others, you must wait for the transaction to be confirmed.
You must confirm the request. You will have to wait for the BTM to finish your transaction. If you purchase crytpos, they will be stored in your digital wallet. When you sell cryptocurrency, you get cash in hand.
Keep your BTM confirmation printout. You may need to confirm where you received your cryptos or cash from the sale.
When you buy cryptocurrency, it does not appear immediately in your digital wallet. First, six network confirmations are required. The bitcoin ATM will walk you through every step of the cash-out sales process.

What Are the Bitcoin ATM Fees and Costs?
To use a bitcoin cryptocurrency ATM, you must pay a service fee. Instead of a fixed fee, the fee is usually charged as a percentage of your purchase or sale:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) warns that bitcoin ATM fees could be prohibitively expensive.
Exchange rates, such as USDBTC, may not be as competitive as those offered by your bank or foreign exchange dealer.
The cost of using a bitcoin ATM varies depending on the machine and its owner. Fees are typically higher than average if the bitcoin ATM does not require user identification (from 10-20 percent). To use a bitcoin ATM, the user typically pays five to ten percent in fees.

Where Can I Locate a Bitcoin ATM?
Bitcoin ATM kiosks are becoming more popular in British Columbia as cryptocurrencies gain traction. More than 9,000 bitcoin ATMs have been installed in the United States as of October 2020.

Bitcoin ATMs are frequently owned and operated by cryptocurrency companies. Access to bitcoin ATMs may be provided by cryptocurrency trading platforms or digital wallet providers. In some cases, the bitcoin ATM owner may require the customer to open an account in order to facilitate transactions, similar to how banks do.

How Do I Make an Investment in Bitcoin ATMs?
Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Traditional bankers may have dismissed bitcoin and later cryptos as a passing fad years ago. Cryptocurrencies are clearly here to stay.

Some cryptocurrencies have a limited supply of tokens. The value of crypto-tokens rises as more people use, trade, buy, or sell them. In some markets, it is very simple to use bitcoin to buy goods and services online or at retail.

As a result, bitcoin ATMs represent an excellent business opportunity. Hosting a bitcoin ATM could be a great way for your company to earn extra money. Contact us to learn more about our bitcoin ATM host-partner compensation program.

Evergreen Optometry Clinic – Address: 550 W Broadway #506, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0E9 – Phone: (778) 330-3906

Optometrists in Vancouver receive what kind of education and training?
Have you ever wondered what it takes to become an eye doctor? When you go to a clinic for a general eye exam, you can be confident that the optometrist you meet is qualified to diagnose any eye disease and is dedicated to your eye health. Obtaining a license to practice necessitates many years of costly education, clinical experience, and national and provincial examinations. Here’s how to become an optometrist in Canada.

A Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree is required to practice optometry in Canada. This usually takes longer than seven years. To be eligible for an OD, you must have completed the following tasks:

A minimum of three years of undergraduate study, preferably in the sciences.

The Accreditation Council on Optometric Education has accredited a four-year university program in optometry. In Canada, there are two optometry schools: the University of Waterloo and the Université de Montréal. In Canada, the cost of studying optometry is close to $100,000. Many optometrists are educated at expensive optometry schools in North America!

Following graduation, many optometry students choose to complete an additional year of residency training.

Licensing and accreditation
Earning an OD is only the first step. Graduates must then obtain a license from the regulatory board of the province or territory in which they wish to work. The Alberta College of Optometrists is the province’s regulatory and licensing body. Graduates must also pass an exam administered by the Canadian Optometry Examining Board. Only then will they be permitted to practice.

International optometric graduates who meet the requirements of the regional regulatory boards may be eligible to practice in a Canadian province or territory. Academic credentials are overseen by the Federation of Optometric Regulatory Authorities of Canada (FORAC).

Associate Work Typically, new graduates work as an associate in an existing practice to gain experience and the financial means to join as a partner, purchase another practice, or establish a new practice.

Establishing a Practice in Vancouver
A new practice necessitates a significant financial investment in the form of costly equipment, support staff, and office space. The majority of the overhead cost of a new practice, however, is the establishment of an inventory of eyeglasses, frames, contact lenses, and lens solutions.
Evergreen Optometry Clinic – Address: 550 W Broadway #506, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0E9 – Phone: (778) 330-3906

Established optometrists usually own or share ownership of their own private practices. A practice may include a single clinic or several “satellite” clinics.

You, like most people, must have found yourself unexpectedly working from home for the foreseeable future. You may be putting more strain on your eyes than usual without even realizing it. This is especially true if you work all day on a computer. As more people become accustomed to working from home, here are some helpful hints for keeping your eyes healthy:
Our Optometrist proudly serves residential and commercial clients in all of Vancouver’s diverse neighbourhoods and communities, including:

Evergreen Optometry Clinic – Address: 550 W Broadway #506, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0E9 – Phone: (778) 330-3906

West Point Grey
Arbutus Ridge
False Creek
Downtown Vancouver
Granville Island
Mount Pleasant
South Vancouver
Riley Park
East Vancouver

Eat Healthily. The same diet that protects your cardiovascular system will also improve your eye health, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Eating low-fat foods high in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables can benefit not only your heart but also your eyes. Vitamins A, C, and E-rich foods are at the top of the list. Omega-3 fatty acid-rich diets have also been linked to a lower risk of developing eye diseases later in life. Leafy greens, beans, and zinc-rich foods are also excellent choices for keeping your eyes healthy.

Wear Protective Eyewear. You must wear protective eyewear in addition to sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Every year, approximately 2.5 million eye injuries occur in the United States. Always wear safety glasses or goggles when playing basketball, on the job, or working on a simple home improvement project. Wearing protective eyewear is essential because it is your most reliable line of defence against eye trauma and injury. They shield your eyes from potential hazards at home and in the outdoors.

Evergreen Optometry Clinic – Address: 550 W Broadway #506, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0E9 – Phone: (778) 330-3906

Take a break. You may experience eye strain when doing close work. When you read, drive a car, or work on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, your eyes can become tired from repeated or intense use. Headaches, light sensitivity, eye pain, neck and shoulder pain, burning eyes, tired eyes, blurred or double vision, dry eyes, and watery eyes can all be caused by eye strain. To avoid these symptoms, make sure your eyeglasses are appropriate and up to date. It is also beneficial to look for ways to improve your environment.

Maintain Eye Hydration. To function properly, your eyes must retain moisture. Many factors can contribute to them becoming dry. Smoke, pollution, excessive heating, certain medications, and certain illnesses are examples. If you do not produce enough tears or have tears of poor quality, your eyes can become dry and sore. Irritation and discomfort can be reduced by drinking plenty of water, blinking more frequently, and using lubricating eye drops.

Get regular eye exams. Many eye diseases have no visible symptoms, making it easy to ignore them. Routine eye and vision exams are critical for early detection and treatment. It’s also important to keep your vision sharp and prevent vision loss. Children need this preventative care as early as six months old, three years old, and again at the start of school. A regular eye exam is essential to ensuring your child’s normal vision development, which is critical to their academic achievement. Adults, on the other hand, should have a complete eye exam every one to three years, depending on your age and risk factors.

Schedule an Optometrist Exam in Vancouver – Evergreen Optometry Clinic – Address: 550 W Broadway #506, Vancouver, BC V5Z 0E9 – Phone: (778) 330-3906

Our team of professional optometrists and opticians at Evergreen Optometrists’ Clinic is well-known and highly respected in Vancouver, BC. Whatever your optical requirements are, we have an eye doctor with the education and experience to confidently meet them, including prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Contact our optometry clinic today to schedule an eye exam at one of our British Columbia locations.

1Pro Moving & Shipping Company Vancouver – Address: 2120 Kingsway #102, Vancouver, BC V5N 2T5 – Phone: (604) 721-555

Moving is stressful enough without having to travel a long distance. While there are thousands of Vancouver moving companies to choose from, choosing one with reasonable prices and a proven track record of quality service makes a difference. Furthermore, many customers become victims of moving scams. That is why we carefully select our top movers based on criteria such as binding estimates, positive customer feedback, affordability, and proper industry credentials.

Our top choice
1PRO is our preferred long-distance and local Vancouver moving company. It can move you anywhere in the country, has a good reputation, provides free storage for 30 days for those who need it, and even offers discounts to seniors and Vancouver families.

What characteristics should you look for in a Vancouver moving company?
Prices are reasonable. You want your full-service relocation to be costly. 1Pro Moving & Shipping Company Vancouver – Address: 2120 Kingsway #102, Vancouver, BC V5N 2T5 – Phone: (604) 721-555
erhaps not as expensive as the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. However, it is expensive enough to ensure that your movers did not skip steps that could result in late delivery or damaged items.
Estimates that are binding. Pay special attention to companies that provide binding quotes, such as 1PRO Moving. The guarantee means that your price will not change after you sign on the dotted line—as long as you don’t add any additional items to the home inventory you and the movers agreed on during the quote process.
Affordably priced down payment. Most movers require a deposit of up to 50%. Do your research (or let Google do it for you) to determine whether you can afford the initial fee.
Customer feedback. Positive customer feedback is an important indicator of trust. Look for moving company reports that mention things like safe delivery, professional movers, and helpful phone brokers. (Customers highly recommend 1PRO Moving Systems.)
Genuine credentials. Check that your professional Vancouver movers are licensed and insured. You don’t want to be a victim of expensive moving scams.
Perks. Look for companies that go above and beyond by providing you with 30 days of free storage, such as 1PRO. Other valuable benefits include real-time GPS tracking, additional insurance, and special discounts.

Why should you hire 1Pro Moving & Shipping Company Vancouver?
Moving services that are customizable
1Pro Moving & Shipping Company Vancouver allows you to select which moving services you require. For example, do you want to save a few thousand dollars by packing your own belongings? 1PRO is fine with it (most businesses aren’t). The same is true for other moving services. If you’re up to the task of unloading your belongings, the 1Pro Moving & Shipping Company Vancouver team will gladly let you do it.

Put it all together, and you can choose whether to pay for local or long-distance moving services:

Services for packing
Packing materials
Loading \Unloading
Temperature-controlled storage

1Pro Moving & Shipping Company Vancouver – Address: 2120 Kingsway #102, Vancouver, BC V5N 2T5 – Phone: (604) 721-555

Moving can be a stressful experience. It is our goal to keep things simple. When you work with us, you can speak with someone on the phone to go over the specifics of your move. Our Vancouver Moving Coordinators work with you to create a detailed plan so there are no surprises.
You get a team that is well-known in Metro Vancouver and has years of experience to back up that reputation.
We provide moving procedures tailored to all types of moves, from commercial to long-distance.
Our staff treats your belongings as if they were their own. Everything begins and ends with consideration.
1Pro Moving & Shipping Company Vancouver – Address: 2120 Kingsway #102, Vancouver, BC V5N 2T5 – Phone: (604) 721-555
Our priorities are to keep you as organized as possible and to get your space back in order as soon as possible.
We value your time. We dispatch from one of our depots to arrive on time, and if traffic delays us, we’ll call you to let you know.
Additional services such as packing, unpacking, and furniture construction and installation are available.
Services for installation and assembly
Removal of debris



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