“I went through the 10 day detox program that Revitasize has in January and I have continued to have two juices a day. The juice is wonderful and you feel so much better. I stay in contact with the Revitasize team with any new questions that come up. They are very knowledgeable and understand your individual needs. I love the fact that they tailor the cleanse! Thanks Revitasize!”

– Donna Black

“THANK YOU REVITASIZE! Since I did the cleanse I feel better, sleep better, my energy has increased. I’ve lost 10 lbs!  I did a before and after blood test of my blood levels that were all abnormal. I am happy to say my B12, Iron, Thyroid, Red Blood cells count, has all stablized and the ESR level (inflammation in the blood) has decreased by half. Im so glad I took this step to a healthier better life. I'm a believer.  Thanks to my awsome coaches at revitasize.”

– Celina Knight

“I would like to share my first ever DETOX experience. I must say I was apprehensive at first, but after talking to TEAM REVITASIZE I knew this was the company I wanted to work with on this life changing event. What sold me was the knowledge and the coaching support. This is what makes this company unique. They will recommend different recipes, moral support and strategies curtailed to an individuals needs. I live in the states so I had to make my own juice…trust me if you could have them make and deliver the juice it will save you a lot of time.Thanks TEAM REVITASIZE for kick starting my metabolism and walking me down the path to a healthy me!”

– Donna Black

“ This is my second time around with Revitasize and I just want to say thank you so much for all your support. It’s only my first day today, but I love it and it feels so good! Keep up the great work ”

– Suzy Abergel-Brenner

“Dear Rakela, I would like to say thank you. I just finished my 10 day cleanse. It was amazing. After trying almost every other juice out there, I have to say that Revitasize by far is THE BEST!  it was such a great experience.I know that my body needed that but I wasn’t ready to enjoy the process. The juice are soooooo good, healthy and tasty. I’m addicted!  Thank you Rakela and team Revitasize for all your kind help from the delivery to the extra juice that I got without even asking. Your generosity and support are unbelievable”

– Rachel Grinman 

“I would like to thank a lot to Rachel Spivak and her team- Revitasize for an amazing opportunity of great detox and weight loss program that I took in February 2014. I am having Diabetes type 1, with 5 to 7 insulin injections a day,as well as other health issues with heart and kidneys since I was 10 years old, so I had a big dilemma if i should go for it, and how will i deal with my diabetes. I was doing it more for cleansing purpose than for weight loss. And guess what?  For 17 years of having Diabetes i’ve never had better sugar level than while being on this program. It was perfect! I decrease the dose of insulin almost in half, had lots of energy, felt myself great and lost up to 7 lbs( including small meal a day, and sometimes extra sugar, when my blood sugar was low). If you are still thinking of doing it- PLEASE don’t think twice, just Do it and you will open a new world of healthy life style for yourself. Thinking to repeat a session in couple of months!”

– Aleksandra Aleksandrovna S 

“My journey to health started 10 days ago. I did the 10 day detox/cleanse program. I lost 9 lbs and feel great. I am looking forward to continuing my maintance program. To Rachel Spivak, what can I say thay hasn't been said before. You have been an incredible support and a great friend throughout. You continue to encourage and support me and I appreciate it very much. It made it that much easier. The juices are delicious and full of incredible nutrients that I would not consume otherwise.  Thank you for my “System Reboot”. I’m sure I will do it again. xoxo ”

– Etti Gabay

“Thank you Revitasize for an amazing experience with you!! It was a 10 day journey that was exciting, fun and energizing!!! Your juices were absolutely delicious and Raquela your support was incredible!! It’s a great way to lose weight, cleanse your body and help guide you in the future to better eating habits. I am definitely more motivated now to eat right!!!
Thanks again!”

– Gila Bakar Mashiah

“Want to just say a big thank you to revitasize for starting me on the path to a better way of living….i recently went into a juicing store while on a visit to new york and I couldn’t believe how excited i was being there, i felt like a kid walking into a toy store.. it was such a wonderful feeling.  Thank you revitasize for your fantastic program and these great updates which keep me so informed and continues to teach me.”

– Miriam Esses 

“I just did a 2 day cleanse and wanted to say thank you, thank you. The juice was actually amazing (I was very scared) and it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought. The best part though was the coaching. It’s nice to have a knowledgable person there to answer the many questions I had.  Thanks Revitasize!”

– Karin Bramm 

“So I am finishing my day 3… can’t believe how time flies, I feel amazing, full of energy and not hungry at all. lost 4lbs in 3 day……ready for another few days.
Thank you RakelaandRevitasize for all the support you give me and to everyone that keeps calling and asking…”

– Korin Badani 

“Just in case you were wondering i lost 16 pounds! Thanks @revitasize and the crew for the amazing help!”

– Shulie Malca 

“Great quality product, great service, great job! I have never felt better! I am recommending it to everyone i know that wants to get healthy! I can not wait to get more!…”

– Cornelius Archibald III