The REAL Benefits Of Cold-Pressed Juice!

The REAL Benefits Of Cold-Pressed Juice!

The REAL Benefits Of Cold-Pressed Juice!

Lately, all the hype is around cold-pressed juices and the miracle nutrition and benefits that they offer. Many people who are health-conscious have jumped onto the train and are taking the plunge with cold-pressed juice whether it be their daily fix or are going through with a juice cleanse. It is important to keep in mind that not all juices are made equal; your local grocery store’s ‘cold-pressed juice’ is not the same juice as your local juice shop’s.

Many are debating whether juicing is actually healthier and if the benefits are greater than just downright eating an orange or blending your fruits and veggies into a smoothie.

So let’s understand the process!

To make a quality cold-pressed juice, one must use a hydraulic cold press. This allows for the maximum amount of liquid to be extracted from the organic fruits and vegetables. No nutrients are lost in this process as no heat or oxygen is filtered into the juices. This allows you to get the most amount of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes as possible in each bottle of cold-pressed juice.

However, cold-pressed is not your average home juice. The common home juice involves a process where blades spin very rapidly or a small turning turbine that creates heat via heat transfer and friction in order to remove the juice from the fruits and vegetables. Due to the spinning of blades, heat is generated and oxygen is let in. This breaks down the vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in fruit and vegetables, leaving us with the pulpy and foamy juice we are most familiar with. This process gives us a less nutrient-dense liquid than you would get from REAL cold-pressed juice.

How is the ‘cold-pressed’ process healthier?

Just about everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are great sources for getting your vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Cold-pressed juicing allows you to drink all of these nutrients from numerous organic fruits and vegetables in one sitting. The recommended amount of servings of fruits and vegetables is between 5-9 servings per day and this is a difficult task for many. Through consuming cold-pressed juice, one will be able to get their recommended amount of fruits and vegetable servings per day as 2-6 pounds of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are pressed into each and every bottle of cold-pressed juice (dependent on the juice chosen).

This juicing process removes the dietary fibre found in fruits and vegetables, leading some to believe that consuming cold-pressed juice isn’t any better for you than just downright eating the fruit itself. However, research has shown that the removal of the dietary fibre found in fruits and vegetables through this process, actually makes it EASIER for your body to absorb the nutrients, putting you better off. This is because your digestive system normally has to work very hard in order to remove the nutrients from that slice of apple or piece of kale you just ate.

Now let’s get to the REAL benefits!!

No matter where you stand on the active, healthy lifestyle scale, you can consume cold-pressed juice as a way to better your health. Cold-pressed juice has the ability to help detoxify your body. We expose our body to so many toxins every day, both voluntarily and involuntarily, that it leaves our toxic fighting organs (liver, kidney, and skin) to be in a constant battle. Through drinking cold-pressed juice you can help release the stress of these organs and provide your body with better health. This is why many people go on juice cleanses to ‘detox’.

Numerous individuals have seen and felt tremendous results from just consuming cold-pressed juice regularly. Benefits include, but are not limited to feeling more energetic, decreased bloating, fading of acne, and some even experience weight loss.

Cold-pressed juice is also great for cleansing purposes. By sticking to just cold-pressed juices for a determined period of time, you are able to give your digestive system a break and allow for a total reboot of your body. Through participating in a juice cleanse, your body will be able to release all the toxins it has been holding in and heal itself. In return, you will feel more energized, clear-minded, less bloated, and your skin will be glowing.2

Lastly, cold-pressed juice has the ability to increase your immunity through flushing your body with good bacteria that suppresses the bad bacteria. This benefit is specific to certain cold-pressed juice recipes such as our ‘Feeling Green’ and ‘Burdock Splash’ juices. To increase immunity benefits, one can even add one of our cold-pressed Booster Shots to the mix.

So we’re down to the bottom line

The benefits of cold-pressed juice are endless no matter what juice you pick here at Revitasize. Whether you’re looking to switch up your daily fix, cleanse and detox, or try something new, you won’t be disappointed with what drinking a cold-pressed juice regularly can do for you. So the next time you’re stuck between what juice to drink, go for a cold-pressed juice from your nearest Revitasize Juice Kitchen location.

Written by: Allana Blumberg

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I remember the first time i made my own healthy green smootie it was yuckk!! i then mad ethe conscious decison to buy one and ended up at healthy boost, it was so good that i keep going back for more!


I have Diabetes type 2. Can I drink this juice? And if i wanted to drink this to cleanse, how long do i need to drink this?

Tiana Saffery

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