What Juices Do You Drink On Your Cleanse?

At Revitasize we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor your juice cleanse. 

With a selection of over 35 different juice combinations we have developed a system that will enable you to receive the most amount of benefit in the shortest amount of time. 

In each bag you receive it will be labeled with a numbered day on it. We recommend following the days as it proves easiest when completing the cleanse.

Within each bag you will receive a variety of 5 different juice combinations, a booster shot, alkaline water, and a revitasize blend of detox tea.

Each Juice with have a numbered sticker on the lid (1,2,3,4,5) We have designed it this way so that you don't need to think while your reach into your bag every 2-3 hours, you just need to glance down and pick up the next juice. 

What juices will you get?

 Juice 1 - (Fruits) 

You will receive one of the following. 

Sun Power, Tango, Berry Good, Charcoal Lemonade, Blue Magic, Kelp Yourself

 Juice 2 - (Deep Greens)

You will receive one of the following. 

Feeling Green, Just Green, Green Valley, Golden Green, Super Greens, Green Eye, Mean Green.

 Juice 3 - (Herbal)

You will receive one of the following. 

Burdock Splash, Spiked Pine, Sweet & Spicy.

 Juice 4 - (Roots)

You will receive one of the following. 

Bloody Beet, Enerbeet, Mother Nature, Pink Lady, Tropical Storm, Red Dawn, 

 Juice 5 - (Light Greens)

You will receive one of the following. 

Citrus Bliss, Dew Good, Mean Green, Reliever, Green Heart.

 How To Consume Your Juices?

We recommend to take 10 - 15 minutes to consumer your juice. That way you really take the time to enable your body to absorb the large dose of nutrients in every serving. 

We also recommend to use a straw when drinking your juice. It will help prevent you form chugging your juice. But what it will do BEST is actually increase your absorption by promoting your secretion of saliva. Salvia is known to act a signal to your brain to increase overall absorption. 

When do drink your booster shot?

We recommend to consume your booster shot between the hours 1pm-6pm. We believe between those hours your body is primed to absorb the most amount of nutrients. 

When do you drink your tea?

We supply you with a bag of our personal blend of Revitasize Detox Tea. We created this tea using only the finest herbs and berries to create a sugar free detoxifying tea blend. You are free to consume as much tea as you wish as it serves as another outlet to increase your water intake.