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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/GQCRw0_Hv1s" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> Tailored Cold Pressed Juice Cleanses Tailored Cold Pressed Juice Cleanses


Let our custom tailored juice cleanse take your health to the next level!
With over 35+ juice combinations, not only will you be consuming a variety of nutrients and minerals but you will also be getting specific juices that are optimal for your body at every point of your day. 
At Revitasize we pride ourselves on our juice cleanses and they have become the backbone behind everything we do. 
Benefits of a Revitasize tailored juice cleanse?
Restore Natural Energy
Promote Skin Health 
Detox The Body 
Loose Unwanted Weight 
Clean Out Bad Habits
Get Back On The Right Track
How does it work? 
Simply order your desired length of a juice cleanse before 3pm and have delivered it to your door the same evening! 
If requested, we can schedule an alternative date for you!
*please note*
We only deliver Monday -Wednesday- Friday
All Sat-Sun orders will be delivered Monday evening. 
Each day of your cleanse includes:
5 organic cold pressed juices
1 alkaline water
Revita-Detox Tea 
Right after you purchase you will be emailed by our Certified health coach to help custom build your cleanse!
(please make sure to click the box to accept email marketing at checkout) 
If you wish to start on a specific date be sure to add it to your "special instructions" and we will be happy to make it happen. 

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Dana M.


Juices were all yummy and I felt great afterwards defiantly recommend


The Chick-Fil-A of Juice Cleanses

What wonderful Customer Service, I am so grateful! I order the 5 day juice cleanse, and put the "5th day bag" in the back of my fridge to keep it the coldest. The juices exploded! Totally my fault, but I sent an email anyway. Not only did they offer me a bag of juices as replacement, they delivered it, the same day of my email, A SUNDAY! Anyway, back to the cleanse! Felt amazing the whole time! I ran longer on the treadmill without getting tired, lifted heavier weights than ever before at the gym! Of course I craved food, but once I got past that it was fine. No headaches, no mid day drowsiness (which i usually feel daily when eating carbs), soooo much energy. Love everything about this company and will order again, for the 3rd time!

Natalie Berkovitz

3 days cleanse review

I just finished a 3 day cleanse and I couldn’t be happier! I lost weight and feel amazing! Rakela was incredible, supporting me the entire time whenever i reached out. I’m looking forward to doing the cleanse again. In the meantime, I can’t wait to go to Revitasize for salads and smoothies. Thank you so much to Rakela and the revitasize team!

Chloe Howe

I feel amazing!!

I did the 3-day juice cleanse and I feel amazing! The juices were soo tasty (even the yucky looking green ones). I can’t wait to do another cleanse with you guys!

Kimberlee Portland

Great Service

Just chiming in to say i had really good time on my cleanse. Daniel supported me with everything i needed and i lost 5lbs in 3 days. Very pleased! Thanks guys, ill be back again in January before my vacation!