It’s two weeks before the holidays approach us, and we know that feeling of last minute shopping anxiety! We have curated a small list to help you get through “searching + hunting” for the perfect gift! 

The Regular Revitasize Customer

1. Subscription + Gift Cards

    • Is your loved one in love with us? The feeling is mutual and we are happy to offer gift cards that can be used on everything and anything at any of our 7 locations!
    • For the juice + smoothie lover, we offer both types of subscription cards that not only save money, but let you earn free drinks! PLUS for every bottle that they return, they get in store credit to use!
2. Reusable Mugs (We love the brand Porter
    • We love anything and everything that helps our planet! 
    • By using a reusable mug you are not only saving yourself money but you’re saving over 600 coffee cups a year from the landfill! 
    • We love Porter mugs because they are ceramic + silicone based and come in two different sizes!
    • Did you know that every time you bring in your own reusable mug or tumblr, you will receive 0.25 cents off your latte or smoothie!

3. Loose Leaf Tea
    • If you’ve done a cleanse with us, you know how delicious our tea is! It’s the perfect gift for the tea lover! 

The Grocery Shopper

1. Market Bags + Canvas Bags

    • Out with plastic, in with 100% cotton bags!
    • Washable, safe to use, multifunctional + stylish when worn!

The Sleep Deprived One

1. HUSH Blankets

    • We believe in the importance of sleep (we aim for 8 hours every night) but we know that sometimes our minds are hard to turn off at night as we are constantly thinking about everything that surrounds us. Enter the HUSH blanket! This weighted blanket is proven to help those who suffer from anxiety and stress, and helps you fall right to sleep! They offer different sizes, and are good for the warm sleeper or cold sleeper!
2. Bach’s Rescue Remedy 
    • This all natural, stress relieving remedy made from 5 essential flowers: Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis. It’s designed to help immediately in times of stress, anxiety and sleeplessness. 




    Aug 04, 2020



    Aug 04, 2020

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