5 reasons try a revitasize juice cleanse

5 Reasons To Try A Juice Cleanse This Holiday Season!


The holiday season is upon us which often means decadent meals, a flexible fitness schedule, and more time spent indoors. Don't worry, this isn't something we're here to refuse you. We're here to help you not regret it once it rolls around in mid-January. It's the holiday season, and odds will be that your diet has a level of treats and drinks that is higher than normal.


1. Your body is craving it! - When your body isn't getting a diverse variety of nutrients it begins to open the door for things to go wrong. Especially during the holiday season, it is VERY hard for us to maintain our nutrients. When you order your juice cleanse from Revitasize you can trust that our cleanse coach will not only build the cleanse to YOUR needs but select juices that will nourish your body! 

2. Quality > Quantity! - When it comes to cleansing we want to pay more attention to the quality of our juice rather than the quantity when we are ordering our cleanse. Make sure to source Cold-Pressed, Non-HPP, Glass bottled, 0 forms of pasteurization, and preferably made with 50km of your place of living. 
At Revitasize we value our ability to "keep it real" and use only the freshest organic produce readily available. 
Our "hack" is to always check the dates of the juice you are purchasing. Anything longer than a 7-day shelf life has some sort of non-natural process infused into it. 

3. Reinvigorate yourself! - A juice cleanse is the perfect formula to get your back or on track or ON track for the first time. Don't sit back and wait until January 1st, let's get started now because your body deserves it. Let the cleansing team at Revitasize personalize your journey for you. 

4. Refresh in a few days - Many times we may think to ourselves that we don't have time for a juice cleanse because we have many events, celebrations, and gatherings clustered into a short period of time. While that might be true stopping for even 1 day can help tremendously. Allowing your body to hit the reset for 1 day will give you the energy, immunity, refresh feeling you are looking for. For those who do not even have 1 day, we recommend trying to consume 1-2 juices a day even on the go as a way to bring in some nutrients between the madness. 

5. Feel Amazing! - Your body is craving some time off. From one dinner to the next, the nutrients are lacking and the body is on the hunt for some TIME OFF! That is exactly what organic cold-pressed juices will do. Give your digestive system some time to relax while fueling your body with rich organic nutrients freshly pressed daily in Toronto! 

Order your cleanse today by clicking here! 

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